26 November 2022
No King. No Crown. - Smoke Signal

No King. No Crown – Smoke Signals

Label:Kick The Flame

No King. No Crown. is an Indie Folk band from Dresden, Germany. Eight years ago, singer Rene Ahlig founded the band. First is was a solo project. During that time Rene released two albums. By now, No King. No Crown. is a band – at least for this album that is – and has a brand new album out which is called “Smoke Signals”. 

“Smoke Signals” comes with eleven songs. The music on this album is calm and dreamy. With a soft voice the singer is leading you through each song. The musical arrangements are minimalistic and yet lack of nothing. Soft violins and acoustic guitars accompanied by a beat and the singer’s voice create a smooth sound that calms your mind.  Almost hypnotizing melodies let you forget everything around you. The album goes by in an instant and leaves you behind peaceful and relaxed. The lyrics are mainly about broken hearts and seem quite sad. But the musical arrangements carry some hope. So it is up to you what to focus on more and which mood to be inspired by. 

No King. No Crown. has a new album out. “Smoke Signals” is a melodic and melancholic album that will help you take your mind off things. So go ahead and check it out. 

No King. No Crown. – Smoke Signal

01. Smoke Signals

02. Tongue Tied

03. Dead Black

04. What’s The Point

05. Mostly Discoloured

06. Start Searching

07. Beneath Our Feet

08. Gold And Silver

09. Unwritten Letter

10. Like Ghosts

11. We Do Anyway