23 September 2023

Aspera – Ripples

Releasedate: 25-01-2010; Label: InsideOut Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

Aspera is a Norwegian band making progressive music. They released their debutalbum “Ripples” via Insideout music.

First thing to notice about the album is the overall calm and serene atmosphere the album has. Keys are implemented light and loose in the music, this ensures that it never gets too epic, like various other bands seem to do. Combine it with vocals, by Atle Pettersen, that are not too stereotypical either and there is some fresh air coming with Asperia. Some interesting solo’s are played by Robin Ognedal, never exaggerating it. The band seem to know how to keep their selves in control and made the whole balanced and controlled.

Songs like “Between Black And White” are catchy and stick in mind quite well. The band throws in a balled “Reflections” almost at the end of their album. With vocals like in here the band would also have a chance in the pop charts, which most likely is not their purpose in the first place. Nevertheless it shows that this band has diverse sides and would be able to built bridges between genres. A very decent debut from these Norwegians.

Line Up:
Atle Pettersen – Vocals
Robin Ognedal – Guitars
Rein T. Blomquist – Bass
Joachim Strøm Ekelund – Drums
Nickolas Main Henriksen – Keyboards

01. Intro
02. Ripples
03. Do I Dare?
04. Remorse
05. Between Black & White
06. Catatonic Coma
07. Torn Apart
08. Traces Inside
09. Reflections
10. The Purpose

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