11 December 2023

Blaudzun – Seadrift Soundmachine

Releasedate: 22-01-2010; Label: V2 Records
By: Lara Cappelli

Singer songwriter Blaudzun, aka Johannes Sigmond, debuted with the release of his self-titled album in 2008. Now this Dutch guy is back again with Seadrift Soundmachine.

There’s a kind of pureness in Seadrift Soundmachine paired with melancholy that defines the direction undertaken by Blaudzun. He builds his music on many different influences like acoustic, rock and little of popular music too, that are all beautifully gathered into twelve songs. The first impact might be a little confusing as “Sunshine Parade” isn’t exactly what you hear everyday, with its accordion sound that gives an older feeling to the song. Afterwards, the more you listen the more you discover and range from one sound to the other that might be acoustic, like “The Chocking Game”, or folk, like “Jezebelle”. It is all spiced with the addition of more and more different instruments, and well held together also thanks to Blaudzun capability of adapting his voice to the songs sound and atmosphere. One of those most enjoyable parts is in fact the different communicating power that every song has itself, still staying linked to a kind of dreamy feeling.

“Seadrift Soundmachine” can carry you away without even letting you realize it, flowing with an incredible simplicity which however could easily get stuck to your mind.

1. Sea Wolves
2. Sunshine Parade
3. The Choking Game
4. Light-O’-Love
5. Midnight Room
6. Quiet German Girls
7. Wolf’S Behind The Glass
8. Jezebelle
9. Manhatten Grey/Post No Bill
10. February Flare
11. Streetcorner Shouter
12. Midnight Room (Prague Version)

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