25 February 2024

Andre Matos – Mentalize

Releasedate: 29-01-2010; Label: SPV
By: Sabine van Gameren

Brazilian singer Andre Matos got known from his work with the band Angra. He released his solo album about two years ago and have done some extended touring after that. Right now he is back with his second album called “Mentalize”.

Andre Matos brings power metal. Inspired by bands like Stratovarius and Savatage he brought his own style to the music. As expected there are plenty of solo’s on the album, maybe a bit cliché as you hear them coming in. On the other side there is a piano used and a ballad makes it all up for that. Melodies in the album might slightly hit Dream Theater, but some it’s not like it is a total rip off. A good word goes out for drummer Eloy Casagrande, who did a great job on the album with his 18 years of life experience only.

The album is quite ok, though it is not that original. If you are looking for something fresh than it is better to search for something else, but if you are into the sound that the scene has been producing a lot of, Andre Matos’ “Mentalize” is a good one to add to your collection.

Line Up:
André Matos – Vocals, Piano
André Hernandez – Guitars
Hugo Mariutti – Guitars
Luis Mariutti – Bass
Fabio Riberio – Keyboards
Eloy Casagrande – Drums

1. Leading On
2. I Will Return
3. Someone Else
4. Shift The Night Away
5. Back To You
6. Mentalize
7. The Myriad
8. When The Sun Cried Out
9. Mirror Of Me
10. Violence
11. A Lapse In Time
12. PowerStream
13. Don’t Dispair


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