23 September 2023
Salem's Pot - Pronounce This

Salem’s Pot – Pronounce This

[schema type=”review” name=”Salem’s Pot – Pronounce This” description=”Label: Riding Easy” author=”Nina Mende” pubdate=”2016-07-22″ ]

“Don’t try to fight it,” the band’s motto implores, “Salem’s Pot has come to destroy your mind.” It’s the same kind of winking tease employed by low budget horror films of the 70s-80s that essentially dared audiences to experience what they knew they wanted, but couldn’t possibly expect. And you convince yourself of this sound on their brand new album “Pronounce This”.

When you press play on the brand new album by Salem’s Pot, the music instantly sets you back in time. Welcome to the late 70s. The music is very emotional. You can tell that the band is feeling the music and just float along with their emotions. The songs are almost hypnotizing. Rhythms sway back and forth like waves in the ocean. And these waves will pull you along. While listening to “Pronounce This” you can catch yourself losing track of time and place. Almost as if in trance, this music is floating by. Almost unnoticed and yet strongly influencing your mind. Once the music has ended, you wake up from the trance, a little dazzled, trying to figure out what happened.

Salem’s Pot has a brand new album out. “Pronounce This” comes with six songs and lasts for fifty minutes. And in these fifty minutes you will be hypnotized. Let this album take control over you and get it now. It is out there waiting for you.

Salem's Pot - Pronounce This Tracklist:
01. Tranny Takes a Trip
02. Just For Kicks
03. The Vampire Strikes Back
04. Coal Mind
05. So Gone, So Dead
06. Desire