24 June 2024

Bloody Hammers – Lovely Sort of Death

[schema type=”review” name=”Bloody Hammers – Lovely Sort of Death” description=”Label: Napalm Records” author=”Basak Günel” pubdate=”05-08-2016″]

In the world of gothic/metal/doom music,there are some bands that show us that you don’t need fancy riffs or growls to move the audience…Bloody Hammers is definitely one of those bands. Formed in 2012, this American duo is slowly making themselves known in the scene and they are back with their 4th album “Lovely Sort of Death”… Check out the initials of the album title by the way.. Interesting coincidence!

“Lovely Sort of Death” has this sexy, somehow erotic, dynamic and dark atmosphere that will draw you in from the first spin! This whole vibe is blended well within the songs; especially the first half of the album is a great example of this. Surely, the influences from some big names are clearly there and you might even think that there are lots of bands who make music like this but there’s something about this record that will just make you want to hear more. It’s also worth mentioning that this formation consists of Mr. Manga, who is the vocalist and his wife, who plays keyboards. In this sense, we also experience a perfect balance of the feminine energy in the synths and the masculine energy in the vocals and other instruments.

On a musical level, the first half has more of an electro/dark-wave approach, that is perfect for dancing and for those ‘darkwave’ nights! The second half, however, offers us even a darker and a more ‘doom-metal’ atmosphere. So I can imagine that the fans of the ‘metal’ side of this music will like the second half more. In this sense, the record is not dull but offers a wide range of genres for everyone out there! Some of my favorites are “Bloodletting On The Kiss”, “The Reaper Comes” and “Infinite Gaze to the Sun”.

Bloody Hammers definitely improved themselves on a musical and personal/spiritual level with “Lovely Sort of Death”. Fans of gothic/doom/electro/psychedelic rock should give this record a chance! It’s dark and enchanting and will become one of your favorites of 2016!

Anders Manga – vocals, guitar, bass
Devallia – keyboards,organ

bloody Tracklist:
01. Bloodletting On the Kiss
02. Lights Come Alive
03. The Reaper Comes
04. Messalina
05. Infinite Gaze to the Sun
06. Stoke The Fire
07. Ether
08. Shadow Out of Time
09. Astral Traveler
10. Catastrophe


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