Minutian – Inwards

Minutian – Inwards

Releasedate: ; Label: Inverse Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Minutian is band from Finland making Progressive Rock. The band releases their debut album “Repercussions” in 2011. A tragic loss of one of the bandmembers was a shock they had to adapt. Anno 2015 we get a new release from these guys called “Inwards”.

Interesting to hear where these guys are at since the release of their first and it is good to hear that the band worked well on finding their own identity a little more. The shapes of their sound are much more directed with a well thought album as result. On the previous release we hoped the guys would go a bit more deeper in the vocal contrast and that has certainly be a point they succeeded with. Here and there you could think they spend some time listening the Leprous’ Einar and applied some of that into their music also.
What I liked specifically in the release is the way the keys are implemented. A very playful edge of the guys, making the album come as a story, a complete idea that brings you the mood and the atmosphere within seconds.

Altogether it is quite obvious album that lays close to the guys. It comes from within and you can hear the passion coming through it. It is a big step forward from “Repercussions” and we are curious to hear what else we can expect from them.

Line up:
Mikko Heino – Vocals
Jesper Johnson – Guitars
Pekka Loponen – Guitars
Jouni Mikkola – Bass
Antti Ruokola – Drums

Minutian - Inwards Tracklist:
01. Hollow Heroics
02. On Derelict Sidings
03. The Crust of the Earth
04. Void Within
05. Onus
06. Burning Bright
07. Manifest
08. Aphelion
09. Redeemer

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28 April 2015