Skaur – Skaur

Releasedate: 11-04-2011
By: Sabine van Gameren

Skaur is a Norwegian band that formed in 2002. The band makes Black Metal and released a long line of demo’s and a couple of splits. Anno 2011 the band got to release a full length album “Skaur”.

The band makes metal, all in Norwegian. Lyrics are supplied in the lyrics, as well on their website. What first stands out is the strong rhythm section in their music. They come to a decent speed and create a full sound, rather warm and as it seems inspired by Norway and its history. As a surprise there are some clean vocals in the music which come quite expected but bring a nice break though maybe they could have been stronger. The album has six tracks and these are all quite alike. They surely match each other quite well but a little more variation would have kept the attention a little longer. Though the band has its most positive points laying within the guitars. The tension building is quite nice and therefore the album is one that you will listen anyway. Take “Om Sorg Og Helvette” which has a great instrumental part. In this song the vocals come out quite strong as well. “Skaur” is a decent album to listen to, a few things may be changed in future releases for the better, but it is a release that shows what the guys capabilities are.

Line Up:
Normann – Vocals, Guitar
Simon Larsen – Bass, Vocals
Ivel – Guitar
Hetzler – Drums

01. Fullmaanesang
02. Nordnorsk Svartmetall
03. Heimfar
04. Om sorg og helvete
05. Skaur
06. Midnattsol

Skaur Official

09 June 2011