Drop Out Chaos – Apocalypse

Drop Out Chaos - Apocalypse
Label: KB / Soulfood
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 07-07-2017

Drop Out Chaos is a street rock band from Berlin. Founded in 2004, the band has released four albums up until today, with the latest being “Apocalypse”, which is out now. The band has played various festivals and shows up until now.

“Apocalypse”, their fourth full length studio album, comes with fifteen tracks. The tracks consist of songs, intro, outro and the occasional interlude. The lyrics of the songs are mainly in German. The arrangements are rough and loud. The riffs are mainly distorted and wander somewhere between rock and punk music. The vocals are dark and edgy. For almost one hour, Drop Out Chaos is taking you on a ride through their world. A world that is pure and straight forward. About life itself, as well as today’s society. Whether you give your attention to the arrangements or lyrics, you will find the same message and power. Some songs are featuring Viktor Soifass, the singer of an Oi! band.

Drop Out Chaos is a loud band you can surely have some drinks to. This is the perfect album for all you punk rock fans out there. Grab some friends, some beer and turn up the music. You will enjoy it.

Drop Out Chaos - Apocalypse Tracklist:
01. Dagegen
02. Du musst hart sein in dieser Welt (feat. Viktor Soifass)
03. Geister der Depression
04. Lass los
05. Niemand
06. Wach auf
07. Die Nacht gehört Dir
08. Frei wie der Wind
09. Boom (feat. Viktor Soifass)
10. World of Crime
11. Himmel
12. Führungsriege
13. Lost Generation
14. Terror
15. Outro


07 July 2017