Oknos – Odd World

Oknos – Odd World
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 05-05-2017

Oknos is a German formation making Symphonic Metal. They formed in 2013 and after the release of a bunch singles it is now time for their debut full length. It is called “Odd World” and it is available now.

With inspiration of Delain, Nightwish and various other female fronted bands, they are trying to find their own way and with this concept album they bring this search to the world. Here and there you hear that they tend still too much to the confidential side, “Odd World” has some elements that are perhaps a bit too recognizable for their own good, but when they explore their own feeling more you get a look into what the band can be up to.
In ballad “Fire” the band shows how strong they can be, the vocals in good balance with the rest where in other songs the music seems a bit overpowering the voices and cutting the story a bit short. Also, they have to be careful not to overdo themselves, making it too bombastic. Too much in there could be the overkill, less is more. And when taking back the whole a notch or two, you can focus more on the individual elements and their strength. So it is not a surprise that the slowest songs are the ones you get the best chance to hear their qualities.

Qualities seem to be there, but the band could rely more on themselves. Leave their inspiration and inspiration and not much more than that. And perhaps don’t fill the music up with too much extra’s as it does not do them good. That being said, with some quality vocals, guitarists that seem to be up for something (but need some more chance to shine), interesting keys… the band has the base all there. “Odd World” is an album that opens your eyes for what they could do. The potential. But for future material it may be wise to rethink all and give more of themselves in the sound.

Line up:
Philipp – Pipes, Keyboards
Arne – Bass
Sebastian – Drums
Johannes – Guitars
Benjamin – Guitars
Anna – Vocals

Oknos 01. Prologue
02. Struggle
03. Old World
04. Sin
05. Falling
06. The Gods They Have No Love
07. Ghost Ship
08. Fire
09. Sailor’s Love Story
10. Requiem

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14 June 2017