Pete Lynch – Kill The Monster

Pete Lynch - Kill The Monster
Label: Holly Hill Street Records / Tunecore
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 19-05-2017

Pete Lynch is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to singing lead and backing vocals, Lynch plays bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion. This is the second studio album by Pete Lynch. It is called “Kill The Monster”.

“Kill The Monster” comes with eleven songs. Each song on the album is very emotional and thoughtful. Mainly slow rhythms and melodies are coming at you, when listening to “Kill The Monster”. The lyrics are deep and along with the melodies, they are digging deep underneath your skin. The music wanders between singer and songwriter styles as well as pop music. The rhythms are perfect to sway along to the music, getting stuck in your head or fully get you going along to the music. The soft voice of Pete Lynch sounds peaceful and trustworthy. This causes you to keep your fullest attention at the music.

Pete Lynch has a new album out. “Kill The Monster” is the name of this piece of art. Each song includes amazing lyrics and will demand nothing less but your fullest attention. So grab your copy of “Kill The Monster” and listen to this brand new album by Pete Lynch now. You will enjoy it.

Pete Lynch - Kill The Monster Tracklist:
01. Kill The Monster
02. Come Down
03. Till The Rivers Run Dry
04. Scars
05. Where Are You
06. The Silence
07. Better Now
08. In Your Head
09. Make No Mistake
10. 4010
11. Home


19 May 2017