Heavy Tiger – Glitter

Heavy Tiger - Glitter
Label: Wild Kingdom / Rough Trade
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 24-03-2017

Its been a busy time for Heavy Tiger, spending the two past years constantly on the road. The Stockholm trio has been touring all over Europe, making national television and even playing in Japan as well as Vietnam to the delight of their ever-growing fan base. However, after completing another European stint last spring together with Backyard Babies, it was finally time to exit the tour bus and record a new album.

And now, the new album is finished and released. The name of that brand new baby is “Glitter”. Eleven songs are packed onto that beauty. Heavy Tiger might be a girl group but their music is rough and pushing forward. Great rock music with lots of distorted guitars and strong vocals come at you when pressing play on “Glitter”. It is rocking and kicking ass just like we love it. The vocals are edgy and rough, talking about things life brings along. The rhythms are catchy and will get you going along.

“Glitter” is the brand new album from the girls of Heavy Tiger. Is it a pure rock and roll album. Dirty and edgy, rocking until the bitter end. Love it or leave it. But give it a listen for sure!

Heavy Tiger - Glitter Tracklist:
01. I Go For the Cheap Ones
02. Feline Feeling
03. Shake Me
04. No Tears In Tokyo
05. The Only Way Is Up
06. Catwalking On A Dogday Afternoon
07. Downer and A Sunny Day
08. Keeper of the Flame
09. Star Shaped Badge and Gun Shy
10. Jemma
11. Devil May Care


21 March 2017