17-03-2017 Dynamo Metal Fest band battle

Dynamo Metal Fest band battle
Starts: 17-03-2017

Dynamo Metal Fest has been a great success in the previous years and also this year the line up is very promising. So it is not a surprise that many bands desire to play there, the festival organized a band battle to give the winner a chance to open the festival this year. A second place was for the band that will play at the pre-party the night before.

StaticFour bands would play and the first one we would see is the band Static. They describe themselves as Heavy Alternative Rock. The members are known from previous bands and the metal factory. Also this band seems to come together well. The band is fronted by Thimo Franssen, a vocalist with a bunch of charisma. He has no problems engaging people right at the beginning of the evening and the set and the way he makes people listen to the band indicates that they would suit very well on a large stage as an opener.

In this setting they haven’t been playing live so much which you could see at some point it being not the tightest as would be possible, but nothing that time and more live shows won’t heal. Musically, the band will spark interest of a large group, some rock fans but also more Metal minded people will be interested and who knows where we will see them next. The guys are currently working on an EP so some material will be available soon.

Raven Called Sin is the second band that plays tonight. They are all about the Djent and been doing so since 2015. What we got to see is a band that knows exactly what they want to bring to an audience, but here and there lacks the power and aggression to make me actually believe in it. It lacks the energy that could have been in there and which often see with bands in this genre. The audience is not too responsive to it either.

Strong point of this band is found in the guitarists. They seem to demand attention most and is what keeps people watching it. The stage of Dynamo seems a bit too high for them at this point, it is hard to imagine they will warm up an audience early on a the festival day. They are playing regularly though, so they can still grow in this.

Raven called sin

Raven called sin

IllusionlessIllusionless is is a Progressive Death formation that has been winning some battle before and have been seen supporting some larger names in the scene already. They impress well at first sight. Musically they are skillful and are presenting us with lots to listen to and look at as well.

The only thing that stands a bit in between them being our favorites is the diversity. At some point they seem to repeat the same template again and again and is our attention span getting their first bursts. A shame, because they certainly have some interesting elements in there. So when that all would be in order we could easily see ourselves listening a full show and remain into it.


White Boy wasted
White Boy Wasted is the last one of the evening. A rock and roll formation which bangs it on with a dose of humour and heaviness. Their favourite topics are pussy and beer and preferably combined. Some songs are rather short, some are bit longer but with a beer in your hand it is hard not to enjoy them.

Regardless the fact that their music is often referring to the same, the band choosing a wider range of influences than you would have thought at first. Peter Pan Speedrock fans are surely enjoying this, but the band self also takes on some Herman Brood, making it their own.

White Boy wasted

At the end of the evening the audience were given a flyer on which they could mark their favorite and combined with the jury votes that would lead to the winners. The jury and audience happened to agree with each other and so come the winner of this battle is White Boy Wasted, which means we will see them open Dynamo Metal Fest. A second place was for Static, which will play at the pre-party.

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19 March 2017