17-11-2016 – Stratovarius Episode Show

17-11-2016 Stratovarius Episode Show
Support: Thunderstone
Starts: 17-11-2016

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila

After the strong comeback roughly half a year before, the power metal masters of Thunderstone seemed only as a logical choice to open a one very special night, which got our photographer to be excited of way ahead of showtime.

But before Stratovarius could start their Episode set, Thunderstone delivered us a solid and pretty relaxed set with good stage presence. The audience is positively embraced and encouraged nicely throughout the balanced set. However you could sense somekind of a tiny uncertainty, like the band was slightly ”frozen.” Despite the fact, they know how to pull off a show.

Setlist: 1. The Path 2. 1000 Ways 3. Tool of the Devil 4. Fire and Ice 5. Forevermore 6. Weak 7. Veterans of the Apocalypse 8. Through the Pain 9. Until We Touch the Burning SunThunderstone at Nosturi
Stratovarius Episode Show
4th show of the Episode anniversairy tour of Stratovarius was something that many long time fan had been anticipating for, and the set begin strongly and with confidence like it was to be expected. The band seems to be enjoying being up on the stage and the good mood and is conveyed down to the audience. Strong presence billows down from the stage, and I wonder, how they can be so energetic and in such a great mood every time.

Summa summarium:

the gig was just that rock solid Stratovarius, the fans expected to see. I was wondering that will the familiar schema get bored at some point, but afterall repetition is very smart. The band’s energy is contagious and even if the formula is familiar, time after time I notice being left speechless. In terms of technique and performing, I can’t find a word against them.

Setlist: 1. Speed of Light 2. Eternity 3. Will the Sun Rise ? 4. Uncertainty 5. Babylon 6. Tomorrow 7. Season of Change 8. Stratosphere 9. Night Time Eclipse 10. Forever 11. Father Time (Encore:) 12. Unbreakable 13. Shine in the Dark 14. Hunting High and LowStratovarius Episode Show

07 February 2017