20-01-2017 – Valkeat

Valkeat Album Release Show 20-1-2017
Support: Vetten Äpärät

Text by: Reija Myllynen
Photos by: Juho Karila

We were up for a folk metal night in Helsinki as one of the most promising and praised bands, Valkeat were about to make their debut. But before the main act, we witnessed Vetten Äpärät, which was a completely new acquaintance for both of us.

Vetten Äpärät

The 5-man group takes their time to begin the set with a slowly starting and bombastic intro, and while the certain type of immobility belongs to the scene, it wouldn’t hurt to not be so stationary when the first actual song begins; even if it’s nice to watch gorgeous headbanging.

The stage is filled quie nicely but you could tell which bands they’ve been looking up to when choosing their style of performance and makeups. It’s easy to spot copying from here and there so it’s difficult to tell if they actually bring anything new to the genre. I’m left waiting to see something clearly “own thing,” while I can’t find anything to complain about their techniques.

Pros: Technically ok, averagely good contact with the audience.

Cons: Lack of originality

Setlist: Intro + Herätys, Wind of Exhaustion, Exile, Sydäntalven Viha, Helvegen (Wardruna cover), Ice Made New Kingdom, Vala (outro)


Valkeat gives us a fierce start, clearly acknowledging the presence of their audience. They embrace them by making the crowd shouting and encouraged to engage with the band. In addition, the band keeps a strong and willful contact with the fans of Finnish metal.

The stage seems to be embraced pretty nicely and the amount of energy these guys have is a pleasure to behold. You could sense some tension in the air but can’t notice it from the performance.

Kantele brings a unique flavor to the music, which is interesting and glorious to listen to.

I could note some room for improvement when it comes to the technicality but I’ll be looking forward to see them develop.

Pros: A clear and well-thought structure of the show, noting the audience, stage presence

Cons: The singing is only barely heard for some reason and keeping the contact with the crowd is majorly left solely for the singer.

20 February 2017