Tom Chaplin – The Wave

Tom Chaplin - The Wave
Label: Island Records
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 28-10-2016
More than over a decade ago I once made way to Amsterdam. A young British band was playing and I was scheduled for an interview with their singer. The day of today people are all very familiar with the music of Keane. Many hits are played daily at the radio’s and they successfully managed to fill the biggest venues. Frontman Tom Chaplin found that 2016 was going to be his year and so he is now releasing a solo album. It’s called “The Wave”.

The young man I met that day have gone through many experiences in his life since that first single turned out to be a big hit. Not all were good, but for no matter what it is it brought him plenty of stories to tell with his solowork. It is not hard to hear pain in the album, a struggle and much more but more than often all is having a bit of a positive note as well. “Quicksand”, one of the singles, is a song in which Tom tells that no matter what… he’ll fix it. It makes you feel that your best friend is singing it to you and he is ready to support you when needed.
Some matters of the heart come by as well and it quickly becomes so clear that with this album is able to make a listener feel very close to him. Passionate songs that address everyone, but yet give one the idea it is written for you personally. That is a true talent that makes that “The Wave” is an album that will be received well.

Keane fans may be sad to see Tom doing it without the rest of the band, but the album will make them see that this is something that he really needed to do. And it is done in a beautiful way. For the pop sector this might as well be the album of the year, easily!

Tom Chaplin - The Wave Tracklist:
01. Hold On To Our Love
02. Still Waiting
03. Hardened Heart
04. Worthless Words
05. I Remember You
06. Bring The Rain
07. Quicksand
08. Solid Gold
09. See It So Clear
10. The Wave
11. Better Way (Bonus Track)
12. Turning Back (Bonus Track)
13. Love Wins (Bonus Track)
14. Cheating Death (Bonus Track)
15. Bound Together (Bonus Track)


07 November 2016