Harri Kauppinen – Helvetin laulut

Harri Kauppinen – Helvetin Laulut
Label: Concorde Music Company
Written by: Sabine van Gameren
Releasedate: 30-09-2016

Harri Kauppinen we know as the vocalist of Beyond the Dream. Unfortunately that band is not active anymore, but Harri decided to work on a solo album, which is now ready for the world to hear. “Helvetin Laulut” is out now.

Gothic feelings were always there and with this solo album a dark mood is not to be missed out of either. With a singer songwriter approach to Doom, Harri brought this album together. For those who don’t speak Finnish, nothing to worry, there are English translations delivered with the booklet. After a brief introduction you get a bit mislead, giving you the idea that this album is going to be heavier than it turns out to be, but it helps setting the mood. Acoustic guitars are also there and they give it a bit of a haunting touch. Some spoken word is to be found in there, which is a good addition to the sound.
Harri’s strength is found in creating these dark and eerie moods in a well thought composition that remains with some melancholy even in its most undressed version. Whether the lyrics in Finnish are working on an international level is to question but there is a certain expressiveness in it that may not be that easy to get out in English. The words may be translate but its impact is strong as it is now. And that Kauppinen has a good feel for his guest musicians is certainly a bonus too.

“Helvetin Laulut” is a release that sparks our interest a lot. It has a mix of scenes in there that bring the total to an unique product. Could you see it in a bar, yes. Could you see this performed in a dark show with amazing effects to strengthen the feel, yes. From a commercial side to something we could see appear in a dark corner during Roadburn. Surprising, but a very welcome debut. Finally something we don’t hear all the time!

Harri Kauppinen - Helvetin laulut Tracklist:
01. Kiusaus
02. Merkityksettömät sanat
03. Linnut
04. Maa palaa
05. Lankeemus
06. Päättyvän tien päässä
07. Marmoripatsaat
08. Laulussani kuolevat
09. Katumus
10. Ikoni
11. Niin oli hyvä

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26 September 2016