anorak. – enthusiasts and collectors

anorak. - enthusiasts and collectors
Label: Uncle M
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 06-05-2016

anorak. is a German punk rock band. The anorak. debut-album was released on May 6th and underlines the controversial and artsy impression which their debut-EP “kalter frieden” made earlier this year in the European New Wave of Hardcore scene.Now with their debut album “enthusiasts and collectors”, the band is taking a stand. Again. But this time in a larger scale.

The debut album of the Cologne band comes with eleven songs. Catchy melodies are combined with shouted vocals. The rhythms will get you going along, while the vocals shake you wake. Edgy and pushed, almost forced, shouts the singer the stories the band has to tell. While the melodies come at ease and have a comforting sound, the vocals are causing some discomfort. Whether intended or not, this adds a unique sound to the music. You can tell, that each song is coming from the heart. The guys created some passionate songs with great lyrics.

The debut album “enthusiasts and collectors” by anorak. lasts for almost fifty minutes. The songs are creating their very own atmosphere and carry their own spirit. Unique at its last. Keep an eye out for anorak., these guys have just begun.

anorak. - enthusiasts and collectors Tracklist:
01. forlorn/desolate/alone
02. sleepless nights, sleepless days
03. morning view
04. cessation
05. the calm
06. the tempest
07. the mood
08. …. birds
09. lying truth
10. these times
11. move to north (the south is rough)



08 May 2016