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Vanden Plas is a German formation making Progressive Metal. They originally founded in the 80’s and released a bunch of

Patent Pending - Riot Hearts Rebellion

The pop punk band Patent Pending is back. Reigning from New York, the band has been founded in 2001. The

Forbidden Seed - From Sand To Eternity

The Greek heavy metal band Forbidden Seed has now released their debut album “From Sand To Eternity”. Forbidden Seed performed

Light Years - I'll See You When I See You

The American pop punk band Light Years is back with a new album. Formed in 2009, the guys have released

Callejon - Live in Köln (CD+DVD)

The German metal core band Callejon has released a live DVD that they filmed in Cologne. The band exists sine

Danzig – Skeletons

Former Misfit singer Glenn Danzig needs no explanation. He decided he wanted to do an album with covers and it

Solution .45 - Nightmares In The Waking State

The Swedish Metal band Solution .45 is back. All members of the band are also playing in other bands. Some

Kampfar – Profan

Pagan Black Metal band Kampfar is already around since 1994. They have been rather active through these years and are

Adele - 25

Adele is an English singer and songwriter. Since 2006 she has been making music professionally after a friend posted a

Cat O Nine Tails - Christian Pirate Metal

Sailing by are some Pirates with a brief stop to talk with Tempelores. That’s what happens in a country like