Grave Pleasures is a Finnish/British post-punk band. Hailing from Helsinki, this formation was previously known as Beastmilk and have released

Satyricon does not need an introduction. The band has beena round with their Black Metal for many years and this

It is a bit before the release show of the debut album of S-TOOL when we are talking with Ville

Myrkur is a lady that didn’t have easy in metal scene so far. Her music is a mix of elements

Mirrorplain is a melodic Rock formation with a dark touch that released two EP’s so far. Now the band is

Welcome to an article series on Tempelores where the staff members bare it all for the audience… and by baring

A band like Ensiferum needs no introduction. The crazy and awesome Finnish band has been delivering us some epic folk

A one man band can have plan if it is helmed by a man with a plan.  But no plan

Sabine’s vision: Where one chapter closes, a new one opens. So it is for Ville Laihiala, who, after putting Poisonblack

Metal Massacre is on at Nosturi tonight and we are about to witness an evening of Thrash including the great