High Hopes - Sights & Sounds

The melodic metal core scene is about to take a beating, as Reading, UK, born quintet High Hopes are set

Blackout Problems - Holy

Blackout Problem is a German rock band that was founded in 2012. Since then the guys have been busy. Shows,

Amoral - In Sequence

Amoral is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland. They play technical, progressive, melodic, hard rock oriented metal. The band’s 4th

Zanthropya EX – Neuer Gott

Zanthropya EX is a German formation that says to make ‘Misanthropic Death’. They release a new EP called “Neuer Gott”.

Abbath - Abbath (2016)_front__1454542284_2.241.165.44

When it comes to black metal, everyone has heard the name Abbath. After parting ways with Immortal in 2015, he

The Fall of Eve

Symphonic/gothic metal band “The Fall Of Eve” from Scotland has released their debut album “Eternal Embrace” recently that has 10

Painful - Imagines Pestis

The German formation Painful makes a combination of Black and Death Metal. With album number three ready, the band is

Roam - Backbone

Roam is a British pop punk band from Eastbourne. The band was formed in September 2012. The band consists of

Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep (Hospitalized)

Enter Shikari is a UK rock band that has been founded in 1999. Since then the guys toured and toured,

Darker Half – Never Surrender

Australian band Darker Half makes Power Metal. The band formed in2003 and has released three albums so far. The last