Evil Invaders

Earlier during the day we had seen Evil Invaders open the Into The Grave with flair and now we found

Apologies, I Have None - Pharmacies

Since the release of Apologies, I Have None’s critically acclaimed full length “London” in 2012, the band have been touring hard.

Damage - Do The Damage

Damage came together to share a common love for fast and guitardriven rock music by the likes of AC/DC, Hellacopters,

Little Brother Eli - Cold Tales

Little Brother Eli was formed in Oxford during early 2013 by bassist Josh Rigal and vocalist Alex Grew. They were

Alyzee - My Life

The attractive German-Turkish singer will certainly win over more than just Oriental-Pop fans with her album “My Life“. It’s a

The Corona Lantern - Consuming The Tempest

The Corona Lantern is a formation from Prague that makes a combination of Sludge and Doom. The band formed in


On a Tuesday night The Midnight Ghost Train was scheduled to play in Utrecht. Not the most likely day to

Svvamp - Svvamp

Svvamp was created by three friends – Adam Johansson, Henrik Bjorklund and Erik Stahlgren – drawn together for the sake

Ray Shames - Zirkus des Lebens

Ray Shames is a singer and songwriter from Austria. His music is wandering between pop and rock music. This is

AJJ - The Bible 2

AJJ is an American folk punk band from Phoenix, Arizona, formed in 2004. The band has been noted for their