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Manimal - Trapped In The Shadows

Manimal is a Swedish heavy metal band. The band has been founded in 2001. Their first album was released eight

Steak Number Eight - Kosmokoma

Steak Number Eight is a Belgian band consisting of four guys. Playing post metal music, the guys have gotten together

Diary Of Dreams

Diary Of Dreams have just released a brand new album. “Grau Im Licht” is the name of this album. And


The story of Chris Corner and his band IAMX is a long one. If we go back to the moment

Forte Ruin - Forte Ruin

Forte Ruin is A Melodic Death Metal formation from Finland. They founded in 2011 and took their time to find

Bruno Rocco - Lonely Rider

Dutch singer/songwriter Bruno Rocco has some Croatian roots. With “Lonely Rider” recently release he has some new material on hands.

Null'O'Zero - Enemy Within

Null’O’Zero is a Greek band. Coming from Athens, the band creates heavy metal music that is strong and aggressive. The

Fallbrawl - Chaos Reigns

Fallbrawl is a German hardcore metal band. Reigning from the Ruhrpott area, the guys make music since 2005. That is


Swallow The Sun is a Finnish melodic death/doom metal band. They have been active since 2000 and released 6 full-length


Manegarm is a viking metal band from Sweden. The band has been active since 1995 and they are surely one