Odious is a band from Egypt that formed in 1998. After spending some time making Doom they transferred to Black


The Swedish heavy metal/occult rock band Ghost has become quite known and popular in the last few years. Especially with

Throne of Heresy - Antioch

The Swedish band Throne of Heresy formed in 2009. The guys make Death Metal and are currently releasing their second


Omnium Gatherum is a Finnish melodic death metal band. They have been active since 1996 and delivering some fine melodic

Seven Waters - Hunter’s Prey

In 2010 the band Seven Waters got formed. They have a Dutch background and make Symfonic Metal. The band released

Wolf Down

Wolf Down is an Hardcore Punk formation from Germany. The band founded in 2011 and they released some material a


Abysmal Grief is an Italian doom/occult metal band. Formed by the guitarist Regen Graves in 1995, the band has been

Desolated - The End

Desolated is a five-piece hardcore band, lyrically inspired by remorse and experiences, touring worldwide and promoting their message; this is

High Hopes - Sights & Sounds

The melodic metal core scene is about to take a beating, as Reading, UK, born quintet High Hopes are set

Blackout Problems - Holy

Blackout Problem is a German rock band that was founded in 2012. Since then the guys have been busy. Shows,