dark mental

At the last day of Dark Mental we knew what to expect, but then again we get surprised again.

SIXX-AM - Prayer For The Damned

It’s a universal truth that true artists will always busy themselves creating, and that truly great artists will always find

Dark Mental Festival

Dark Mental Festival

It’s a bit of a ride for us, but in Copenhagen there was a festival to take place we just

Discharge - End Of Days

Formed in the late seventies by twin brothers Bones and Tezz Roberts, and Rainy Wainwright, Discharge changed the face of

Egokills - Creation

Finland is known to have a quality guarantee when it comes to metal. Based in Tampere, the second largest city

NH3 - Hate and Hope

Rebellious Ska-Punk, lashing brass, inflaming lyrics, catchy hooklines, off-beat arrangements that make you jump up and down automatically: it is


Wyrd is a Finnish black/doom/dark metal band. Formed in 1998 as a post-Hellkult project, the band has been active with


Swedish viking metallers Månegarm have had a busy schedule recently. The band has released their self-titled album last year and

BRDIGUNG - Chaostheorie

BRDigung is a German punk band. They first gained attention back in 2008. Back when they released their debut album.