And Then She Came

Singer Ji-In Cho, previously with Krypteria, and her longtime allies Olli Singer (gtr), Frank Stumvoll (bs) and S.C. Kuschnerus (dr)

promt - strom der zeit

Promt! is a German punk rock band. Founded in 2009, the band has released three albums so far. “Strom Der

Location: Rengerspark Leeuwarden (NL) By: Sabine van Gameren What: Cityrock When: 02,03 September 2016 Where: Rengerspark, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

Location: Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden By: Sabine van Gameren What: Into The Grave When: 12 and 13 August 2016 Where: Olderhoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden


One of the most famous bands in the German metal scene is Saltatio Mortis without doubt. The band has been

Gates - Parallel Lives

Living in New York City, Gates’ Kevin Dye began to look at the world differently. It’s that inspiration that birthed “Parallel

Hellyeah - Undeniable

After nearly eight years, four albums, countless tours as headliners and “can’t miss” music Festival bills and hundreds of thousands

Harm/Shelter - Paycheck

Harm/Shelter. That is five guys who hunt together on a path to Hardcore heaviness. A Giessen based Hardcore-formation that creates

DeVision - 13

De/Vision is a German synthpop musical group formed in 1988. The band started as a quartet consisting of Thomas Adam,

Skunk Anansie shows are rare these days. But, for two shows, the UK band came to Germany and we got