Finnish melodic death / metal core band Callidice’s new album Scarlet has been released on August 21, 2016. The band formed in the

Chris Corner is an English record producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, singer and video artist. He was a founding member of

Hopscotch - Lebenszeichen

Hopscotch is a German rock band that has been around for more than a decade already. Now they are back.

Nightmare - Dead Sun

Founded in 1979 French heavy metal pioneers Nightmare have been an integral of the European metal scene for the past

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Bloody Unholy Christmas

Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space – a name, to which there is not much left to add. At least to


TraumeR is a band from Brazil that makes Power Metal. Their debut album came out in 2014 and with it

Keegan - Famous Last Words

Keegan is an international band with a British singer, German guitarist, French bass player and Austrian drummer – based in

degenerate demo 2016

Degenerate is a Duo from Amsterdam. The make Death/Thrash with a melodic edge and they release a debut demo simply


Einherjer is a viking metal band. Hailing from Norway, the band has been founded in 1993 and even split up


Pos.:2 is an Electro Pop band that released a debut album about a year ago. Now they are back with