Amsterdam Metalnight is a night that brings us the best of Dutch Metal presented in the capital, a city that

WeaksaW - The Wretched of the Earth

I’ve always liked French bands for some reason. They always seem to produce a unique, fresh and uncomparable sound, like

Discipline - Stake Your Claim

Eleven years(!) after the band’s last effort, “Downfall Of The Working Man”, the hooligans from Lighttown Eindhoven, the almighty Discipline,

PUP - The Dream Is Over

PUP is a Canadian punk rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2013, originally under the name Topanga. They almost


When we are talking about Finnish black metal, Behexen is one of the bands that come to mind. The pioneers

Against The Current - In Our Bones

Against The Current is a pop rock band from New York. The guys founded the band in 2011 and grew

Aiming for Enrike - Segway Nation

Aiming for Enrike is a Norwegian duo that makes an interesting mix of Jazz with Rock all what comes up.

Twin Red - Please Interrupt

Twin Red is a rock band from Hanover, Germany. “Please Interrupt” is their sophomore album that is out now.

Nina - Beyond Memory EP

Hailing from Berlin’s bohemian district Neukölln, Nina began singing at the age of six and moved on to classical training


Whispered is a Finnish ‘samurai metal’ band. Formed in 2004 by the vocalist/guitarist Jouni, the interesting and unique sound of