27 November 2021

Mudbath – Corrado Zeller

Mudbath – Corrado Zeller

Releasedate: ; Label: Lost Pilgrim Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

The French formation Mudbath makesa combination of Sludge and Doom since their formation in 2011. A year later they came with a first EP and in 2015 the guys are ready for their debut full length album. “Corrado Zeller” is out now.

Mudbath is an act that starts their album quite calm, but gives you quite fast an image of what to expect of this release. For it comes with three tracks that are quite in line with each other. They don’t really need much glitter and glam, they can do a whole lot with a minimalistic approach and that speaks for them.
They are slowly and teasing, moving forward as well as they do a step back leaving you to wonder where a track is going through, but when you are half way you notice there is the progress in the song and it is slowly getting a bit more extreme. The sludge elements are there obviously, but that doomish edge that is on them is not really left out either. A good balance between them is found and the guys make transitions between different parts go so smoothly you hardly notice you are taken by the hand towards a new dimension.
“Corrado Zeller” is a release that drags you into an album but does not really have a whole lot going on that should get you wild and yet it does. The guys know perfectly how to play with your span of attention and keep you with them throughout the whole release.

Line up:
Mika – guitars, vocals
Flo – guitars, vocals
Luke – drums, vocals
Marco – bass, effects

Mudbath – Corrado Zeller Tracklist:
01. Thus I Saw The Destructive Voracity Of An Obsessive Ritual
02. Shrim Alternative Healing Center
03. Salmonella

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