25 May 2024

Maim – Deceased To Exist

Releasedate: 07-03-2011; Label: Soulseller Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Maim is a Swedish Death Metal formation started in 2006. The band is currently up to release “Deceased To Exist” which is the band’s second release.

Maim makes typical Old School Death Metal. A good filled guitar section creates a driving sound. Must be said that the riffs are quite nicely done. A little twist here and there to make sure it is not too stereotypical like what all these old school bands do, a little touch of Maim in there. Vocalist Rikard puts his own filthy stamp on the sound as well. He goes quite deep and when the tempo drops a bit he takes the lead upfront of the guitars. Also worth mentioning are the drums, fits perfectly with the sound and also quite present in the mix. Overall the guys have a good production in “Deceased To Exist”, which makes it an album that still has the old school vibes, but yet is relevant for 2011, something that loads of bands forget of when being so old school. Definitely a release that makes us happy, happy to have a good band to keep our eyes on. When they keep going like this, they may grow in no time to a band that sells big internationally.

Line Up:
Krille – Guitar
Otto – Drums
Rikard – Bass, Vocals
Scott – Guitars

01. Gravedigger Sacrifice
02. Morbid Desecration
03. Covet Death
04. Evil Smell Of Death
05. Crematory
06. Deceased To Exist
07. Purged Through Napalm
08. Nuclear Funeral
09. Resurrected From Hell
10. Screams From The Mutilated

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