26 November 2022
KMFDM - In Dub

KMFDM - In Dub

KMFDM – In Dub

Label: Metropolis Records
Releasedate: 21.08.2020

KMFDM is a German industrial band from Hamburg led by Sascha Konietzko, who founded the band in 1984 as a performance art project. The band has released countless albums and played shows all over the world. Throughout the years they have grown to an infamous band that influenced quite some of the newer artists. And you will always find collaborations between KMFDM and various artists on their releases. 

This is the latest album of KMFDM called “In Dub”. As usual, the band stuck to a five letter title. This is their own remix album through on which they have released dubstep versions of their greatest hits. “In Dub” comes with twelve songs. Some song titles are changed accordingly and include the word “dub”.  Instead of being entirely industrial with fast paced rhythms, this album is more mellow and almost has a reggae touch to it. The pace of all songs seems quite equal, so you easily fall into a kind of trance while listening. This gets your mind wandering. Almost relaxing and meditating. 

“In Dub” lasts for fifty-seven minutes. Twelve songs, reimagined – or rather – remixed – turned out smooth and mellow. So sit back and relax while listening to this KMFDM album. Enjoy!

KMFDM - In Dub
KMFDM – In Dub

01. Dub Light
02. Superhero Dub
03. Dub Uranus
04. Bumaye Dub
05. A Dub Against War
06. Amnesia Dub
07. K•M•F Dub
08. Rebelz Dub
09. Hau Dub
10. Real Dub Thing
11. No God
12. Para Dub