23 September 2023
Null'O'Zero - Enemy Within

Null’O’Zero – The Enemy Within

[schema type=”review” name=”Null’O’Zero – The Enemy Within” description=”Label: ROAR /H’art” author=”Nina Mende” pubdate=”2015-11-20″ ]

Null’O’Zero is a Greek band. Coming from Athens, the band creates heavy metal music that is strong and aggressive. The five piece formed in 2012. A couple shows and EP’s later, the band is now releasing their new album. Called “The Enemy Within”, the guys run over you with eleven tracks they packed on this album.

“The Enemy Within” has a thriving rhythm that pushes you through the album. With heavy guitar riffs and drumming, along with a voice that reminds of classic metal with the vocal style, Null’O’Zero created an album to impress. The songs Null’O’Zero packed on this album, last for almost an hour. Keeping up the energy and the pace all the way through, this album does not tire nor get boring. An impressive masterpiece for such a young band. With only three years of being together as a band, Null’O’Zero can shine with this album.

The album artwork of “The Enemy Within” is creative, and so are the lyrics. Null’O’Zero mixed heavy metal with classic metal and succeeded. Proving this in their eleven tracks on “The Enemy Within”, the Greek band will keep you busy for about an hour with their brand new album. So all you metal fans out there: Go ahead and grab a copy or “The Enemy Within”. It will not let you down.

Null'O'Zero - The Enemy Within Tracklist:
01. Warframe
02. Enemy Within
03. Embrace Your Fear
04. From The Darknes
05. Inject My Brain
06. Inshame
07. King Without A Crown
08. Unleashed By Fire
09. Never Die
10. No More Wait
11. Redemption