Rise Against – Wolves

Rise Against - Wolves
Label: Virgin Records / Capitol Records
Written by: Nina Mende
Releasedate: 09-06-2017

Rise Against is an American melodic hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 1999. The band’s current line-up comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Tim McIlrath, lead guitarist Zach Blair, bassist Joe Principe and drummer Brandon Barnes. Former members are guitarists Dan Wlekinski, Kevin White, Todd Mohney and Chris Chasse, and drummers Toni Tintari and Dan Lumley.

Now Rise Against has a brand new album out. “Wolves” is the name of this piece of rock music. It comes with eleven songs and will make you go along for sure. Each song comes with strong rhythms and melodies that will cause your muscles to twitch. The fast rhythms are filled with energy. So are the lyrics: Empowering words come blasting at you, words and phrases that will get stuck in your head. Pure hardcore rock music comes at you on “Wolves”. The kind of music you can listen to at all times, music that will make you feel stronger and helps you keep going.

With “Wolves”, Rise Against has created a brilliant new album you can go crazy along to. An album to listen to loud and proud. With lyrics that will get stuck in your head and are easy to shout along to. So go ahead and get your copy now. You will love it.

Rise Against - Wolves Tracklist:
01. Wolves
02. House On Fire
03. The Violence
04. Welcome To The Breakdown
05. Far From Perfect
06. Bulls
07. Politics of Love
08. Parts Per Million
09. Mourning in Amerika
10. How Many Walls
11. Miracle


13 June 2017