25 May 2024

Delphian – Unravel

Release date: April 2007 Label: Lion Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

  In April 2007 the Dutch Delphian released the album “Unravel” at
  Lionmusic. This album is already their second album. Before this the gothic rock
  band released “Oracle” in 2005. Just two years after they completed
  the formation of the band.

  When I mentioned the word gothic rock, you might have thought they are another
  band in the genre that bands as The Gathering, Within Temptation and After forever
  from the Netherlands have opened up.

  Start listening to the first songs on the album and you will drop that feeling!
  With “Starting to Unravel” they really have a strong opening for the
  album. Followed by “Creation” I started to like the cd. Although the
  voice of singer Aniek is not really a voice I like, it all makes me feel good.

  When going on to other songs I start being a little bored. Sounds a lot like
  the same now. It is nice that they use a flute in the songs to make a difference,
  but it misses the power and the energy which should be present here.

  The album ends with the more then 10 minutes lasting song “Air”.
  It sounds way different from the other songs before. Maybe because they make use
  of a piano. I get my good feeling about this album back by listening to this
  song. It stands out over all of the songs. When the vocals of guest musician
  Leon Brouwer (The Barstool Philosophers) came into the song I knew this song
  is definitely the best on the album. I hope they will work together more on
  the next album, since it is a pleasure to listen to.

  Overall the album is quite ok. I have a few songs on the album which stand
  out most, and the rest I will probably skip, but in the end the album presents
  a journey of some great musicians.

  Band Line Up
  Aniek Janssen – Vocals & Flute
  Coert Bouten – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
  Marcel Volleberg – Rhythm Guitar
  Sjoerd Hoeijmakers – Bass Guitar
  Roel van Helden – Drums & Percussion

Guest musicians
  Rene Kroon – Piano & Keyboards on “Air”
  Leon Brouwer – Vocals on “Air”

      01 Starting To Unravel
  02 Creation
  03 Sleepless Lullaby
  04 Focus On Acid
  05 Black & Blue
  06 Hidden
  07 Undone
  08 Air  

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