23 July 2024

GREENLEAF – The Head & The Habit

Releasedate: 21-06-2024
Label: Magnetic Eye Records

The Swedish formation GREENLEAF scheduled the record release for Midsomer time. Not being “wheel of year” adepts or ecologic activists, the band dropped proto-rock stuff titled “The head & the habit” this June. Actually, this is the ninth record for the creature that started as side project.

The head & the habit” contains eleven tracks. The length of songs variates from two to eleven minutes. Technically, there is no deviation of forming the record and composing the songs, although the genre are hardly recognized.

Breathe, Breathe Out” and “Avalanche” are promo tracks, which also filmed. The opener, perhaps, the most solid track represented bands mastery. The melody dives underneath as it’s kind of the breathe practice. Plus, it’s semi-odor of new British wave from the very early 2000s. The touch of psychedelic rock belongs to “Avalanche”. The stoner guitar solo and bass line also made this track worthy to know about. Despite of the title “The Sirens Sound”, the track sounds mild and peaceful. Additionally, this is meditating effect as remembering Moby’s opuses.  

After listening to “The head & the habit”, I definitely add GREENLEAF to following list and “Breathe, Breathe Out” to top-10 songs of this year. This record is bright musically and thoughtful lyrically. Check out what it means to you.

Line up:

  • Arvid Hällagård – Vocals
  • Tommi Holappa – Guitars
  • Sebastian Olsson – Drums
  • Hans Fröhlich – Bass


  1. Breathe, Breathe Out
  2. Avalanche
  3. Different Horses
  4. A Wolfe in My Mind
  5. That Obsidian Grin
  6. The Sirens Sound
  7. Oh Dandelion
  8. The Tricking Tree
  9. An Alabastrine Smile