24 June 2024

Julian Angel – Choreography Sucks

Release date: 2007 Label: Rockload
By: Sabine van Gameren

  Julian Angel released his first solo album in 2000. “angel-rock.com”it
  was called. Now in 2007 he is back with a new release: “Choreography Sucks”.

  The album starts off with a short song called “Rock With A Slam”. It
  is a sort of introduction to who he is and what his music is about. Julian hates
  fake people, who does not work for themselves and get famous by their rich
  daddies. He is kicking the Paris Hilton girls of the society in the song
  “Sucker Punch”.

  Julian himself describes his album as “Mötley Crüe making out
  with Fergie while Poison, Prince and Pink are having a threesome”. I think
  he is quite right about it. You clearly hear the influences of the mentioned
  artists. Maybe even a little too much. I wonder where I can find the identity
  of Julian Angel himself. But if you are really into this genre then you will
  enjoy listening the songs.

  Songs which really stand out on this album are “Sucker Punch” which
  is also available as a radio edit on the album and “Give The Radio Back”. What
  I liked less are the country music influences. No need to start several songs
  with “ohhhh yeah”. I also rather skip the song “Boob Boob Booty”
  for that. I start liking it again when the album comes to an end with the radio
  edit of “Sucker Punch”. A catchy song, which is easy to sing along
  as soon as you heard it once.

  Instrumentally the album is very well arranged. No wonder that Julian
  Angel was nominated as best guitarist on the German rock awards in the year

  Julian Angel also offers you a chance to download a medley of his songs

      01. Rock With A Slam
  02. Sucker Punch
  03. Sumthin´ Huge
  04. Teaser / Pleaser
  05. Oh La La
  06. Give The Radio Back
  07. Bling Bling
  08. This Is On You
  09. Boob Boob Booty
  10. Jump Jump
  11. Strip Down Vegas
  12. What Goes Up
  13. Sucker Punch (Radio Edit)

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