25 February 2024

Tristan – Borderline Generation

Release date: 14-06-2007, Label: Jomimo Music
By: Nina Mende

Tristan grew up as a rather cheerful child, but as he hit teenage year’s circumstances made his dark thoughts and sadness catch up with him. Since he had been playing the piano from an early age he turned to music to heal him from his pain and chase away his dark demons, it is through the music he “can turn this destructive force into something creative”.

If you ask Tristan to define himself he says he is “someone who is driven by his dreams and dedicated to his craft, his gift or perhaps his curse. Someone who is slowly becoming who he was born to be” and it is hard to argue with that once you have heard this incredible talent. In a world full of lies and manipulations it is a relief to know that there are still people out there who want to be   honest whatever the truth might be. Through the years Tristan has gathered lyrics and melodies for this awaited peak into his thoughts. Now his debut album “The Borderline Generation” has been released.

The album is full of great soft rock songs that are easy to sing along because Tristan’s voice is very clear. The album is about past problems in life, it’s not depressive, though, although it is a bit melancholic. Instead it is full of hope and strength to solve all the trouble in your life. All songs would be great Radio songs, mostly slow and thoughtful, accompanied by acoustic guitar or piano. “One life to live” goes straight to the heart with the soft vocals. The lyrics of that song might make you think about some things in your life. I really love the cello on “The darker side of me”, in this song you can also hear the fret changing on acoustic guitar, a very
romantic song in my opinion. Some faster and rockier songs are “Revelation” and “Rockstar”, which would be my first single release if I had to choose. The song “Artificial Love” is quite synthesized and electronic.

The album is very passionate and emotional. It will definitely touch you deep inside.

01. Army In Black
02. Bad Boy Mama
03. One Life To Live
04. Forbidden Tears
05. A Darker Side Of Me
06. Revelation
07. Rockstar
08. Just Like You
09. Artificial Love
10. Into Your Light

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