25 May 2024

Kevin Ridley – Flying In The Face Of Logic

Releasedate: 04-07-2011; Label: DR2 Records
By: Nina Mende

After spending 35 years in the music industry, engineering and producing for thrash-metalers Venom, Forgodsake, Anathema, Pariah and Skyclad, Kevin Ridley took the opportunity to emerge from behind the mixing desk and experience the role of a player, rather than Producer. Five years in the making, Ridley described the journey of writing the album as a challenge of learning “how to fly and make my own rules”.

The new album of Kevin Ridley called “Flying In The Face Of Logic” comes with fourteen brand new tracks. Irish influence meets country music, Kevin Ridley created a brilliant album with “Flying In The Face Of Logic”. Great country like vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, sometimes even a pan flute like on “Good Intentions (A Young Man’s Tale)” this album lets you dream of nature and a peaceful world. Slow and touchy mixed with catchy and thriving this album never gets boring. The faster songs on the album are great to dance to. Kevin Ridley created a very beautiful album with “Flying In The Face Of Logic”. A must have for all music lovers, country fans and of course fans of Irish music. “Flying In The Face Of Logic” is out now, enjoy!

01. Flying In The Face Of Logic – Part 1 In(tro)
02. Eat The Sun
03. Angel At Harlow Green
04. De Profundis (Back Home Again)
05. The Linton Flyer
06. Good Intentions (A Young Man’s Tale)
07. Point Of Departure
08. (We All Get) Where We Want To Go
09. Still Lucid After All These Beers

10. Which Is Why (2010 Mix)
11. Knotwork
12. They Dance Till Tomorrow

13. Lost For Words

14. Flying In The Face Of Logic – Part 2 Out(ro)

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