19 April 2024

Rayland Baxter – If I Were A Butterfly

Releasedate:   04-11-2022
Label:  ATO Records

Rayland Baxter is an American Singer Songwriter that has been around for some years. Last year he released hist fourth full length album “If I Were A Butterfly”.

As an listener of heavier music this album was one you have to get used to. It has a slow and dragging pace that often makes me want to switch of the release but sticking out to find where the highlights of the release were was certainly an interesting experience. Indie vibes, with here and there some interesting guitars stepping up. This is where I find these moments, it is not so much as a song sticking out but purely individual moments that pass by.

Rayland did invite some other musicians to join him on this release and that often shakes things up a bit. Highly needed, as otherwise the album is much in one line and not various at all. Need we mention one song that kind of defines the rest a bit we would come to “Buckwheat” which remind me a bit to The Beatles, a classic sound that will please many.

Good, Rayland Baxter is an artist that has a defined way of composing. If you like that Indie sound, this may be one to look into, but if that is not your thing you may want to stay away from it. It may be too lengthy for you to sit it out.


  1. If I Were a Butterfly
  2. Billy Goat
  3. Rubberband Man
  4. Buckwheat
  5. Tadpole
  6. Dirty Knees
  7. Graffiti Street
  8. Violence
  9. Thunder Sound
  10. My Argentina