24 June 2024

Toughness – The Prophetic Dawn

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Godz ov War Productions

Toughness is Polish formation making Death Metal. The band formed in 2020 and after two small releases the band have now released their debut full length album “The Prophetic Dawn”.

These Polish guys have a good start, with this album they leave no time go to waste to show their skills. Well-thought tracks with a good balance in their instruments, leaving enough space to have their vocalist leave a raw and indelible mark on their sound.
“Misanthropy Within Transcendence” opens the album in style. Heavy and with no mercy. A good introduction for everything that follows as the guys do not step back at any point.

Looking at tracks that jump out of the whole mad rage of music coming from these guys we come to “Into Ether Decay” for the way they have the bass come forward and the flow that the track has.
Toughness takes a technical approach and it works for them. Never overdone, never too blunt either. This may be the bands first album, but it seems like they have a clear vision of where they want to go with their sound and I am liking it so far. Let’s see what these guys can bring in future. 

Line up:
  • Ziemowit Chalciński – Bass
  • Damian Jaworski – Drums
  • Bartek Domański – Guitars, Vocals
  • Łukasz Wojtowicz – Guitars 


  1. Misanthropy Within Transcendence
  2. Forsaken Entity
  3. In Perversity Premonition
  4. The Prophetic Dawn
  5. Other Insalubrious Beings
  6. The Infernal Travelings
  7. Into Ether Decay
  8. Depths of Nothingness
  9. Psychological
  10. Synthetic Perplexity