19 April 2024

Shaam Larein – Sticka En Kniv I Världen

Releasedate: 09 December 2022
Label: Svart Records


Shaam Larein is a Swedish act. Formed in 2018, Shaam Larein released their debut album “Sculpture” in 2020 and they have been gaining recognition steadily ever since.

Shaam describes her music as “a touch of aggression mixed with passion”. The new record “Sticka En Kniv I Världen” for her is about finding the light through a sea of darkness “accepting the melancholy and seeing the beauty of what lies underneath our mysterious sound”. I gotta admit that Shaam Larein has been on my “to-listen” list for a while so the news of this release got me all excited and curious!


Sticka En Kniv I Världen (meaning “stick a knife into the world) brings us that mystical and magical dark rock sound. Eastern and western melodies are incorporated quite well into the album, which makes total sense considering the roots and the influences of the frontwoman! The sound, despite its dark essence, is passionate and gentle, luring the listener in right away. I especially enjoyed that nice contrast between the vocals and the guitars. The sound being clean works well here as the album flows way more easily and feels more natural without all that harsh-ness or raw sound.

Soundwise, the listeners will experience the dark/gothic ock sound reaching to the elements of black metal at times. The fact that we have three vocals in this album makes it multi-layered and giving us that space to dream and be in that meditative state. “Beware the Duchess” and “Leave Me Here To Die” represent this sound and the energy perfectly. We feel that ultimate goddess energy and that passion in “Beware The Duchess” whereas the latter song introduces us to the eastern side of the album with the percussions being the highlight of the song.

Mysterious, dark and witchy… Sticka En Kniv I Världen is the perfect record for those who are craving for that dark sound and for this gloomy season. Especially recommended for the fans of bands such as In Solitude, Demon Head and Chelsea Wolfe.


  1. Sticka En Kniv I Världen
  2. Flesh of Gold
  3. Beware the Duchess
  4. I Have No Face
  5. Murderer
  6. Caress My Thoughts
  7. Leave Me Here To Die
  8. Massacre