4 December 2022

Drive By Truckers – Welcome 2 Club XIII

Releasedate:   03-06-2022
Label:  ATO Records

Drive-By Truckers are a Southern Rock formation that has been around for over 20 years and have been releasing steadily through the years. The band is up to another album. It is called “The Unraveling” and is released this month.


The guys have been busy, during Corona they released a record and before they could properly hit the road another one was made. Good to see they are going strong with inspiration. And that this release is not just another one in line, but one that shows some experimenting in sound, having a bit of a raw edge. Is the band going back to their roots? Maybe, but the sound has still something modern so there is a bit of both in it.
You could say the songs they have written are not having the focus as much on the words as we heard in previous albums, it is like the balance shifted a bit more to the total picture where instrumentally they gave more spotlight to their sound. Leaves more to interpret to the listener. The band asks their listeners to spend more time with it and be part of the experience so it seems. And that also means that the album will grow onto you as you spin it a bit more often.

Altogether this new album from Drive By Truckers is perhaps a bit different, but will give you more to listen to and more to explore. After quite some releases it is good to see the band is not done with diversifying their sound.

Line up:
  • Patterson Hood – guitar, vocals
  • Mike Cooley – guitar, vocals, harmonica
  • Brad Morgan – drums
  • Jay Gonzalez – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
  • Matt Patton – bass, vocals, backing vocals
Drive By Truckers


  1. The Driver
  2. Maria’s Awful Disclosures
  3. Shake and Pine
  4. We Will Never Wake You in the Morning
  5. Welcome 2 Club XIII
  6. Forged in Hell and Heaven Sent
  7. Every Single Storied Flameout
  8. Billy Ringo in the Dark
  9. Wilder Days