25 May 2024

Marraskuun Lapset – Lauluja elämässä Eksyneille

Releasedate:   30-06-2022
Label:  Inverse Records

Marraskuun Lapset is a Finnish formation making Melodic Death Metal. Aside from some singles they have not released a lot of material yet. “Lauluja elämässä Eksyneille” is their first EP.

Looking at what you would expect from Melodic Death the band is deviating from that a bit. The female vocals give it a certain catchiness in one way but also a punk-ish edge here and there. The base from their music is still a bit standard. Here and there you are hoping for a bit more experimenting and excitement, but since it is their first release that makes sense.

Lyrics are in Finnish but radiate a lot of power by the way they are brought. The male vocals are a good match with the female vocals, a good balance between these and not caving in on vehemence. The EP closes with the track “Jos en enää herää”  which seems to have the darkest feel over it. A nice intro with a gloomy touch evolving into the darkest that the band offers on this release.

It is a diverse EP from the Finnish formation Marraskuun Lapset. They manage to keep it together no matter how far the songs are apart, which is interesting. Looking forward to see how this band sounds in a couple of years, and glad to witness their search for their identity.


Line up:
  • Tero Hautamäki – Composition, arrangement, guitars & bass.
  • Janne Partanen – Lyrics, arrangement & lead vocals
  • Drums – Teemu Koski
  • Clean vocals – Hanna Ingo
  • Backing shouts – Satu Guru
  • Lead vocals in “Jos en enää herää” – Tomas Ahlroos
  • Choir: Jussi-Pekka Litmanen, Jani Latva-Salo, Sofia Ingo, Hanna Ingo, Satu Kuru.


1. Laatupoikkeama
2. Pahuuden siemen
3. Elämässä eksyneille
4. Viimeiset hyvästit
5. Jos en enää herää