24 June 2024

Eden Weint Im Grab – Der Herbst Der Einsamen

Releasedate: 06-11-2009; Label: Danse Macabre
By: Nina Mende

Eden Weint Im Grab is a German Metal band founded in 2002 with their first release in 2004. “Der Herbst Der Einsamen” is their third album. All twelve songs are a decomposition of the poems by Georg Trakl.

The album sounds very dark and cold, windy and rainy, just like the darkest night in fall. “Der Herbst Der Einsamen” is like an audio book accompanied by gothic music. Very deep, gloomy and touchy the singer is sharing the lyrics with you. A glass of absinthe, some candle light and this album would create the perfect atmosphere for this masterpiece in gothic music this year. All lyrics are in German and somehow remind me of Edgar Allan Poe. Dark and creepy, sometimes even scary does each of the twelve tales make you shiver and unable to move. You will listen closely to this fairytale that turns into a nightmare, unable to speak or realize anything else.

Complete control taken by Eden Weint Im Grab, planting images in your head. “Der Herbst Der Einsamen” is art and poetry combined with music. Not only gothic fans will love it, but also people who like these kind of stories. Enjoy.

01. An die Verstummt en
02. De Profundis
03. Traum des Bösen
04. Menschliche Trauer
05. Elis
06. Sebastian im Traum
07. Vorhölle
08. Siebengesang des Todes
09. In ein altes Stammbuch
10. Klage
11. Verwandlung des Bösen
12. Gewitterabend

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