23 July 2024

FAQ – Whitechapel

Releasedate: 25-06-2009;
By: Nina Mende

In 1994, the band was formed under the name Carpe Diem and soon became “the spearhead for Swiss made independent electro-pop music” (Bravo magazine). The band became popular in the international electro-scene after going on tour with acclaimed acts like Deine Lakaien, De/Vision, Mesh and Clan of Xymox. After supporting Apoptygma Berzerk during their “Welcome to Earth” tour in 2000, and releasing the two albums RE-SUBSTITUTE and SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY, Carpe Diem became firmly established in the music scene. After a long break and bandname complications which resulted in confusion and an uncertain legal situation, the band was finally back in 2003 with a new album and a new name, ready to answer the Frequently Asked Questions. As a tribute to the former band name, FAQ named their album released in March 2003 CARPE DIEM. The opportunity for a new start was used to take a new musical direction. After keyboarder Dino left the band just before the successful support tour with De/Vision, Phil asked his old friend Thomas Daverio (head and producer of Kartagon, formerly Panic On The Titanic) to join FAQ in Spring 2004. Pille was found and asked to take over the guitars in the same year and completed the trio.

The album is a very interesting one since it is about the story of Jack The Ripper and the olden days in England, the Whitechapel area in London to be precise. But that is all said in the intro. Throughout the album you are taken on a journey through the Ripper murders and England itself. The songs are all very catchy and create very precise pictures in your mind. If this is not happening in your mind, just take a look at the booklet. All relevant pictures are in there as well. This album is not only a collection of fourteen great songs, but it is a continuous story. So listen to it close. It is a thriving album, very danceable but also very thoughtful and deep. You can tell a lot of work has been put into all the research. But the singer already told us about the research in out last interview. Take a journey along the path Jack The Ripper walked on and find out more than you have ever known about him before. FAQ is giving you the answers. A gorgeous new album.

yours truly (introduction)
absinthe and laudanum
birth of the 20th century
ten bells (album version)
dear boss
the 4th dimension
leather apron (album version)
from hell
buck’s row
a violet from mother’s grave
miller’s court
in memoriam (outroduction)

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