23 September 2023

Mastedon – 3

Releasedate: 06-11-2009; Label: Frontiers Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Mastedon is a band that has its two latest released records far behind them. In 1989 and 1990 to be exact. After that, John Elefante, the vocalist decided to go on solo, but anno 2009 they released their third album under the name of Mastedon called: “3”.

The band fires some feel good AOR to you from the first note. A lot of melody, a bulk container filled with strong riffs and lead vocals that make you feel like this one is one of the many records the band would have made in the way that it feels very trusted and safe. John Elefante knows what those who adore the AOR genre like and gives them double of that. Also John’s brother Dino who covers a lot of the guitarwork supplies a substantial part of the melodic feel good atmosphere. The songs are easy to pick up and adopt to your heart.
Other guitarists are REO Speedwagon’s Dave Amato and Kerry Livgren which had been in the band Kansas with John. This collaboration seem to work out fine, listeners who adore the work of Europe will enjoy Mastedon as well, but in general it is better to say that this album should be in any album collection. It stands out over a lot of nowadays attempts to be AOR and you will regret it if it misses out.

Line Up:
John Elefante – Vocals/Keys
Dino Elefante – Guitars
Dave Amato – Guitars
Anthony Sallee – Bass Guitar

1. Revolution of Mind
2. Slay Your Demons
3. Nowhere Without Your Love
4. One Day Down by the Lake (See You Real Soon)
5. Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka)
6. Questions (It’s About Time)
7. You Can’t Take Anything
8. Lying
9. The Western World
10. That’s What You Do
11. Dust in the Wind

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