25 May 2024

The Electric Crayon Set – What a Rotter of a Day

Release date: 18-06-2007 Label: Soundhawk records
By: Sabine van Gameren

  The Electric Crayon Set. Typical music you listen on a dark, rainy Sunday afternoon.
  You have to be in the mood for it. You can’t just listen to it as a background
  music, because then you miss all the essentials in the music. No, you have to
  listen to it concentrated. Then you hear it. You hear what the music is about.

  Their music is quite psychadelic. Thinking of band to compare them with, many
  names cross my mind, but still can’t find the one(s) who would say it right.
  The Who comes closest. When seeing the booklet, it obviously clear that at least
  one of them like soccer a lot. On the cover you find a black and white art which
  contains 2 players. West Ham United get thanks several times and on the pages
  where the lyrics are, there are several images of footballs.

  If you hear the album, you know after a few songs what the concept is. Songs
  sound like they are all connected with each other. Maybe you can see the album
  as one complete song, cut in pieces. Songs which stand out most is the second
  song on the album “Good girl” which is a song I would also hear on
  the radio in the quiet hours. “Morning of magicians” is quite funny
  when listening to the lyrics. It starts with telling that the singer loves the
  sun, later on … he hates the sun and he end up with loving rain. “Angels
  of the mons” stands out because there is a female vocalist in it. It is
  a typical vocal you would hear on an Ayreon album. Actually, I am really curious
  about this singer and the booklet learns me that it is done by Vilma Pääkkö
  which has an own folk/acoustic act. (see myspace listed at links).

  Over all, this album is quite interesting to listen to. You have to set your
  mind for it, but when you are open for it, you will like it.

      1. What a rotter of a day
  2. Good Girl
  3. Kitty Ruxpin
  4. Morning of Magicians
  5. Spacedust
  6. Initiate
  7. Black Prince
  8. The Otherside
  9. Angels of Mons
  10. Key to the sacred pattern
  11. Archduke of Rain
  12. These nights are supernatural

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