26 November 2022

Djerv – Djerv

Releasedate: 2011; Label: InsideOut
By: Sabine van Gameren

Djerv is a quite yound band, but not one without a reputation. Vocalist Agnete was already known from her previous band Animal Alpha and also the other members are coming from bands that had a name out there. This is their debut album “Djerv”.

Those who knew Agnete’s voice from Animal Alpha will find themselves happy to know that that crazy, weird voice is still used in this way, maybe a little more Metal as Djerv goes more extreme than Animal Alpha. And those metal fans finding out about this band may also have found this voice in a song with Dimmu Borgir. But although these vocals are probably the most remarkable in the music they make, you must not forget there are also some strong guitars in the sound, the whole instrumental package works out just as well. Djerv is a band that is a little different from your average and has a lot of power. For fans of Velcra, Vice Squad (that punky edge she will probably never loose!) and all other bands which have a crazy front woman this release is simply a must. Definitely one of my favorite releases of this year, so worth to give it a try.

Agnete Kjølsrud – Vocals
Stian Kårstad – Guitar,
Erlend Gjerde – Drums

02.The Bowling Pin
04.Gruesome Twosome
05.Only I Exist
06.Ladder To The Moon
08.Blind The Heat

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