Marsmobil – Black Album

Releasedate: 26-08-2011; Label: Compost Records
By: Nina Mende

The Italian Roberto Di Goia moved to Munich in the age of 19 where he became known as a Jazz keyboarder of a renown jazz band. Besides that he worked with German musicians such as Udo Lindenberg and Helge Schneider. But Jazz music was too narrow for Roberto so he started Marsmobil. He released his debut “Strange World”, an album telling Roberto’s roots. With his following albums he moved away from jazz. Another step forward was forming a band out of the solo project. Further did Roberto get a female co-vocalist for Marsmobil.

Their latest release is called “Black Album” and comes with eight brand new tracks. Just like the previous Marsmobile album “Black Album” is very interesting to listen to. Slow and spacey this album sounds like it is not from this world. Its oddness makes you look for the hook or the hidden message. Maybe you will find one if you just search hard enough, but “Black Album” is mainly meant to be different. Different from what you hear on the radio and what you usually find when picking up new CDs. “The Quest” is a little funkier and faster than the previous songs. “Holy Fields” – how else could it be – includes church bells and gospel sounds. The eight tracks go by really fast, you will need some time to digest the music afterwards. But only if you really listened closely and put your fullest attention to it. Marsmobile made it again. They created a brilliant and absolutely interesting album with “Black Album”. Enjoy.

01. Come Mrs. Layla

02. Is It Tomorrow Now?

03. The Quest

04. Holy Fields

05. Blast Of Silence

06. The Carpenter

07. Genesis Of The Upper Skies

08. Unconscious Mind Behind

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