24 June 2024

BLOODORN – Let The Fury Rise

Releasedate: 24-05-2024
Label: Reaper Entertainment

“BLOODORN” is European metal band with heavy-experienced participants from such bands as “Sirenia”, “Freedom Call” and “Silent Winter”. The formation presented their debut album “Let the fury rise” at 24th of May via Reaper Entertainment.

Ok, I gave a chance for the band after watching video “Under The Secret Sign”, the classy speedy metal track. Additionally, I have another nine tracks with my own range. So, on the top of edge is “Tonight We Fight!”, constructed at own way and included whispering and different guitar arrangement.  The solid speedy material represented in “Let The Fury Rise” and “Six Wounded Wolves”. The last mentioned track surprisingly has catching elements, like dreaming accompanied by piano and wide vocal intentions finalized with phrase “Wake up!”.

Stepping back, I’d like to point opening “Fear The Coming Wave” and closing “Bloodorn” tracks, because this is almost etalon of creating metal album. Moreover, I recommend checking up the story behind “bloodorn” description. And for “GHOST” fans there is the brilliant present “Square Hammer” cover as bonus track.

Statistically, this kind of band supposed to be the short-lived side-project. Hopeful, “BLOODORN” will continues their path in the metal field. I’m deadly furious, I mean serious for sure.

Line up:

  • Mike Livas – Vocals
  • Nils Courbaron – Guitar
  • Francesco Saverio Ferraro – Bass
  • Michael Brush – Drums


  1. Overture XIS
  2. Fear The Coming Wave
  3. Under The Secret Sign
  4. Rise Up Again
  5. Tonight We Fight!
  6. God Won’t Come
  7. Forging The Future
  8. Let The Fury Rise
  9. Six Wounded Wolves
  10. Bloodorn
  11. Square Hammer (Ghost Cover)