24 June 2024

Priest – Dark Pulse

Releasedate: 31-05-2024
Label: Blue Nine


Sweden’s dark synth pop wizards PRIEST are back with a brand new record called “Dark Pulse”! As with the previous release, “Dark Pulse” has also been launched thanks to a successful fundraiser campaign. This time, the band has explored themes like alcohol addiction, surviving narcissism and love…. all themes that are somehow connected to a past flamboyant lifestyle. Let’s dig deep.


“Dark Pulse” features the essential Priest sound that the fans are familiar with: Catchy synths and superb production (thanks to the longterm collaborator/producer Simon Söderberg) creating that dark and sexy atmosphere. However, this time we see Mercury experimenting with his vocal range a bit more, which is prominent in songs like Burning Love and Your Devil, which is refreshing to hear. In addition, I also couldn’t help but notice that there is a bit of a demonic vibe going on; a lot of song titles feature words like venom, demonic, devil and well… even the album title features dark! Coincidence? Maybe… or maybe not! Even if Priest wanted to have fun with words, you can feel the sinister atmosphere within “Dark Pulse”. Considering that the band has been influenced by the Berlin nightlife, this comes as no surprise and will make you wonder.

I always enjoy surprises in albums and this time Dungeon Dance has been interesting to hear, which stands out a bit in “Dark Pulse” and will entertain you! It also shows us how Priest is not afraid to step out of their boundaries. Another personal highlight is Just a Game. As a matter of fact, when I first heard the this song, I thought to myself “Wow, Priest has gone full-on rave!”. Perfect for those who just want to dance and let loose!


Having followed PRIEST ever since they emerged in the scene in 2017, it has been fantastic seeing their growth. “Dark Pulse” adds another delicious layer to the band’s evolving musical style and will be an amazing listen for the fans and lovers of the genre. Get “Dark Pulse” and get ready to dance!

Highlights: Just a Game, Burning Love


  1. Burning Love
  2. Black Venom
  3. Demon’s Call
  4. Dungeon Dance
  5. Golden Gate
  6. Just a Game
  7. Your Devil
  8. Enter Your Body
  9. A Demonic Game
  10. Chaos Reigns