24 June 2024

Rope Sect – Enstrangement

Releasedate:   17-05-2024   
Label: Iron Bonehead

The Rope Sect gives off quite a deceptive impression, and to be honest, I appreciate that.

From the first brief listen it seems like this is just another typical death rock or post punk band. Simple and uncomplicated melodies, at least they seem to be. However, listening to the songs over and over again, you begin to catch yourself thinking that you are finding too many elements atypical for the genre. Like depressive and dry guitar riffs, which can be found more often in true black metal than in death rock. Or, for example, texts that are, sometimes, written in rather ornate language…

It becomes similar to picking flowers in a forest clearing: the more you collect, the further you go into the forest, until you completely get lost among the flowers that are almost as tall as you.

The singer’s vocals do most of the work for sure: what if one could imagine flowing melancholy? Or impersonated darkness? Or the twilight shadows that suddenly took shape and surrounded the listener? Incredibly smooth and warm, these vocals create such an unusual feeling that flows from one song to another throughout the album: the atmosphere of poisonous fumes that are so pleasant that it is difficult to stop inhaling them, even at the risk of life.

And, the lyrics, of course. The lyrical hero observes the decline of the world around them philosophically, rarely allowing themselves to become overwhelmed by strong emotions. In general, the texts resemble vague apocalyptic prophecies about the imminent end of humanity, or medieval poems about severe and sorrowful times long long ago. Whoever the band’s lyricist was, they undoubtedly managed to draw the listener into their worlds.

Finally, the music. Restless, sinister, gloomy, full of tension and darkness. Darkness in which something is hidden, something not friendly to the listener at all. Tremendously captivating guitars, which riffs vary from dirty and dry black metallish style to grim and viscous prolixity of doom, while the drums and bass act as a single whole, pulsate and create a feeling of nerves stretched to the limit.

My personal picks are the opening song Revel In Disguise, Cesspool Of Vice and the final track Rope Of The Mundane Love which sound sophisticated and diabolical at the same time.

Line up:

  • Inmesher – guitars, percussions, lyrics & vocals
  • Harbinger – bass
  • Gaarentwynder – guitars
  • Redeemer – drums
  • King Dude – guest vocals on Rope Of The Mundane Love


  1. Revel In Disguise
  2. Cesspool Of Vice
  3. Nefelibatas
  4. L’Appel Du Vide
  5. Mementote
  6. Massenmensch
  7. Hindsight Bias
  8. Rope Of The Mundane Love