23 July 2024
Josienne Clarke

Josienne Clarke – Onliness (Songs Of Solitude & Singularity)

Releasedate:   2023
Label: Corduroy Punk

Josienne Clarke is a British Folk singer/songwriter. The lady has many years on the counter and with her previous release she decided to set herself free and take all matters in her own hands. It served her well and this year a new album followed. It is called “Onliness (Songs Of Solitude & Singularity)” and is availble now.

We can quickly tell you something, if you have not heard of Josienne Clarke before, you better remember that name from now. This album we have might be a rough diamond, shining already but perhaps refrained to be seen by the masses yet. The songs are calm and minimalistic, but no song sounds alike. They all have a unique touch and with that said you should realize that each song is a story on its own as well. Josienne gives a beautiful insight in her mind and what drives her in life.

Whether it is the dark “Ghost Light” or “Anyone But Me” which displays a certain despair as well the songs all have some specific atmosphere. However some are bit lighter, like “I Never Learned French” or “Workhorse”. Often they bring something so recognizable, but Josienne simply phrases it in a way you would not have thought of. Simple and effective with a beautiful warmth.

“Onliness (Songs Of Solitude & Singularity)” is a beautiful album by Josienne Clarke. She goes her own way and that pays off. A lovely hour can be spend with it, so well worth the investment. Check out this lady and her songs!

Josienne Clarke


  1. The Tangled Tree
  2. Only Me Only
  3. It Would Not Be A Rose 3:15
  4. Ghost Light
  5. Silverline
  6. Bells Ring
  7. Something Familiar
  8. The Birds
  9. Homemade Heartache
  10. Chicago
  11. Things I Didn’t Need
  12. Bathed In Light
  13. Anyone But Me
  14. I Never Learned French
  15. Done
  16. Workhorse
  17. Words Were Never The Answer