23 July 2024

Picidae – A Stray Labyrinth

Releasedate:   2023
Label:  Diger

Picidae is a combination of Jazz, Folk and Indie Pop. The duo released their album “A Stray Labyrinth” earlier this year.

I get that there are people who like this lady and her soft, sugary sound. I don’t. Some parts give me goat feeling, which does make it awfully close to metal symbolica so therefore I sat it out and write about it anyway. That pronunciation of some of her words are just bothering me. Enough said, let’s go on to the instrumental part then. We are getting minimalistic sound that is giving enough of music to hold onto. The duo plays on a bit more unusual instruments than the average band which does spark a bit interest and gives something else to focus on.

Eventually Picidae has brought in an orchestra, surely gives it something more dynamic. For the right audience this duo has a lot of creativity to offer, but it appears that this is not a good match with me. They surely have an interesting look on how to bring their sound, but it simply is not for me. Singer/Songwriter might be easier to convince when going genre breaking.

Line up:

  • Sigrun Tara Øverland
  • Eirik Dørsdal


  1. Here We Go Again
  2. Crystal Rosa
  3. A Softer Fall
  4. Mhairi
  5. Storm
  6. Iseeyou
  7. A Stray Labyrinth
  8. Slow Growth
  9. Merlin
  10. Monstrophy
  11. I Saw Her Mum with a Cherry Blossom
  12. Back to My Savannah