11 December 2023

Big Red Fire Truck – Trouble in Paradise

Release date: 4th of August 2023
Label: Self-released/ The Brain Recording Studios

Australia-located hard rockers “Big Red Fire Truck” dropped the second EP “Trouble in Paradise” this August.

The concept of the six-tracks album variates in different metaphors of sky: from neon sunsets to hot summer nights. So, we are in the sleaze twilights. Seriously, the whole record is homage to US Southern-West Coast (California, Vegas, Miami) and 80-s adventures. A bit hairspray, leopard patterns, pink tights, neon lights. Feel it?

Technically, there is mix of hard rock of 80’s and pop-punk of 90’s. The album’s headliner “Trouble in Paradise” is solid example of hard rock but without guitar solos. The answer of what kind of trouble situated in paradise you can find in music video. The band also filmed “Love bite” with rollers lost between 70’s and 90’s. The song is good with refrain that includes catching motif and itching lyrics. Then we head to “Miami skies”, actually, my personal favorite. How stop thinking of “Blink 182” and “Sum 41” after listening this track? Like a flash through compositions it stucks in your head for a while. And the most worth part of EP is “Hot Summer Nights”. Because the last chords drive you to hot summer nights from thunder, lighting, shortcuts, whatever.

When the last track stopped, the only thought was “this record is like long-awaited vacation: short, bright and desperately need to repeat”.

Line up:

  • Digby Robinson – Vocals, Guitar
  • Ben Frank – Guitar
  • Pete Grant – Drums, Vocals
  • Nick Frazier – Bass


  1. Neon Sunsets
  2. Trouble In Paradise
  3. Love Bite
  4. Psychotropic Thunder
  5. Miami Skies
  6. Hot Summer Nights