22 September 2023

Therapy? – Hard Cold Fire

Releasedate:   5. May 2023
Label: Marshall Records

Therapy? is a Northern Irish band, which was formed in 1989. Throughout the years they have gained a large fanbase world wide. Now, the band has released their sixteenth full length studio album, which goes by the name of “Hard Cold Fire”. “Hard Cold Fire” comes with ten songs and lasts for thirty-four minutes, ready to rock your bones. 

“They Shoot The Terrible Master” is the opening song of the album. Strong and catchy, the music sets the mood for what is yet to come. With repetitive choruses and a melody that is hard to ignore, the band is pulling you along right away. “Joy” in comparison, is a almost smooth song with a hypnotic rhythm. “Bewildered Herd” comes back intense and strong again, though. And so the album moves back and forth between angry, loud songs and smooth and melodic ones. 

Therapy? guides us through this album with a lot of strength. Each song has its own mood and vibe, but all carry the spirit and passion of Therapy?. The album includes songs for every mood and situation and can easily fade in with the background. Quite some melodies will get stuck in your head and stay much longer than the song itself lasts. Check out this brilliant new album by Therapy?. “Hard Cold Fire” is out now. 


  1. They Shoot the Terrible Master
  2. Woe
  3. Joy
  4. Bewildered Herd 
  5. Two Wounded Animals
  6. To Disappear
  7. Mongrel
  8. Poundland of Hope and Glory
  9. Ugly
  10. Days Collapse