25 February 2024

Rodrigo y Gabriela – in between thoughts…a new world

Releasedate:   21-04-2023

Guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela have decided to release a follow-up to the GRAMMY-winning album ‘Mettavolution.’ The duo seems to be working out really well so why not do another one.

‘In Between Thoughts…A New World’ is available now.

Four years since its predecessor the duo decided it is time for new material. The two have been experimenting a bit with electronic as well as orchestral elements which makes that the whole comes to a whole new level. A bit different experience if you have been expecting the same as “Mettavolution”.

The sound they have created and expanded on it fully their vision as they took all matters in own hands. The album starts rather cheerful and the two of them leave no time go to waste in showing you what to expect from this release. A bit much, but all in balance. It is interesting to see how they can go into different directions with their songs, having different influences. For example “Broken Rage” is a rather heavy track that serves a different audience than a track like “Seeking Unreality” but in the end there is that red thread that binds it all and makes it recognizable as the identity they have created.

Rodrigo y Gabriela have brought us a fine release that has naturally evolved from their previous release into a broader sound that experiments a lot with all there is to find and yet never stray too far from themselves.

rodrigo y gabriela


  1. True Nature
  2. The Eye That Catches The Dream
  3. Egoland
  4. Descending To Nowhere
  5. Seeking Unreality
  6. The Ride Of The Mind
  7. Broken Rage
  8. Finding Myself Leads Me To You
  9. In Between Thoughts… A New World