23 July 2024

VNV Nation – Electric Sun

Releasedate:   28. April 2023
Label: Anachron Sounds / Edel

VNV Nation is one of the best electronic bands out there. I am sure many of you will agree with me, especially those amongst you, that have seen the band live. And here, finally, after five years, is the brand new album “Electric Sun”. The band is known for their wide sound which is filled with smooth and gentle melodies, and – of course – the gentle voice of Ronan Harris.

“Electric Sun” comes with twelve songs that range between epic ballad and dance floor anthems. The album begins with the title track and slowly and calmly welcomes us in, before the calm music slowly begins to get harsher and rougher. All songs are down to earth and totally relatable. While listening, you can feel each word and eventually sink into the music so deeply, you will forget everything around you. The general style of the music wanders between relaxing and calm at first, towards catchy and rhythmic songs that will cause your muscles to twitch and finally harsh EBM songs that sound rough and edgy and will ultimately push your adrenaline level up a bit. 

However, Ronan Harris will always have your back throughout this album. He holds your hand and guides you through the highs and lows of “Electric Sun”. Songs like “At Horizon’s End” will take your breath away with their epic sound. Whereas “Artifice” wanders towards EBM, and “Prophet” is a full blown dance anthem. And still, there is so much more beyond, as well as in between. The arrangements and vocals almost act like quicksand and pull you in and under straightaway, and there is no escape.

“Electric Sun” is the twelfth full-length studio album, which is their first in the past five years. With twelve songs and a total duration of over one hour, the band presents us their newest treasure. Strangely, the album is somehow helping to accept things the way they are and suggests not to hold on to the bad for too long, but instead get lost in the beauty of things. Which, undeniably, this album is part of: A beautiful masterpiece of electronic music that carries so much more than you will be able to grasp with only one time listening through. This is an album to get lost in – over and over again. So go ahead and enjoy the wondrous music of VNV Nation.


  1. Electric Sun
  2. Before The Rain
  3. The Game
  4. Invictus
  5. Artifice
  6. in The Temple
  7. Prophet
  8. Wait
  9. At Horizon’s End
  10. Run
  11. Sunflare
  12. Under Sky