25 May 2024

Mantah – Evoke

Releasedate:   2022

Mantah is a Belgian formation making metal with the 90s Nu-Metal vibe over it, The band released their debut album “Evoke” at Q4 of last year.

Mantah surprises right away with a quite catchy style. You don’t need much to get hooked on the melodies the band lies into their songs. Hearing a bit of Suburban Tribe style here and there the manage to bring a smile on my face. Having their vocals quite clean most of the time they do have some more raw parts in there as well, giving it enough power to excellerate the vehemence they bring in.

The first tracks on the album have also been released as a single, a commercial sound so that choice is logical. But going beyond these you see the band is not taking back their power. Maybe you would expect a bit more variation, the songs are a bit alike, but it is not that you get enough of it before your through the tracklist. Most remarkable is “In Vain” where they go intense by slowing down. An art that is not for all.

Altogether this band is ready to introduce a new generation to Nu-Metal and maybe Metal in general even by bridging with melodies and vehemence towards other genres. One to watch!


Line up:
  • Sven Herssens – Vocals
  • Bart Vandeportaele – Guitar & backing vocals
  • Lothar Ryheul – Drums
  • Bert Nauwynck – Bass
  • Dennis Wyffels – Guitar


  1. Drown
  2. Game Over
  3. The Enemy
  4. Abstain
  5. Dead Inside
  6. Breaking Away
  7. In Vain
  8. Unawake
  9. Am I